Saint Lucia’s Yummy Cuisine! (Warning Image Heavy)

–This post is dedicated to my dear friend Ja’Nay. I do not know a person who loves a delicious meal with great company than her. Here’s until the next time we can travel and enjoy yummy meals together!–

There isn’t much to say about the food here in Saint Lucia other than it is delicious! Before you run out and order everything, it is important to understand what the staple food is and how to cook it (boil it)–Ground Provisions.

Staple with every meal

Now that you understand what you will see served on your plate or in the market, it is time to set your taste buds free! You can buy groceries in the market or in the grocery store. You also have the choice of growing your own at home (which I highly recommend).

There are many things you run across when looking for food or reading food magazines. For instance, I learned how to properly cut a mango, how the lionfish is being thrown on restaurant menus to control its invasive population, and most importantly for the frisky people, you can even buy condoms with your meal.

OR if you are lazy, you will end up with some western fast food or a bowl of oatmeal.

But for the bold, the hungry, and the brave, you can unleash your inner greed (in moderation) to feast on the local delicacies. The best thing for me to do is to showcase the variety of meals I have enjoyed since being here.

–you might need a napkin to swab your drool.–

When I leave, I will miss the food the most… (then all the beautiful people!)

*Ubuntu Krystal*