Ministry of Health (MOH) Intern Adventures Pt. 1!

Outside of the project  that I am currently working on for the MOH, I have quite a bit of fun doing other things as an intern. I get to network with other sections of the MOH by simply going to the events they host. Remember MOH stands for Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services, and Gender Relations, each part of the name is a different “office” that may not be housed in the same building as I. For instance Ministry of Agriculture hosted World Food Day  at the MOH ( I also submitted a proposal to them to come back to do some sanitation work with a team I am a part of. Hopefully it will be accepted!);

MOA World Food Day Advertisement

MOA World Food Day Advertisement

Ministry of External Affairs hosted the Taiwan-Saint Lucia Partnership Trade Exhibition in Gros Islet; and

Ministry of Health hosted World Diabetes Day in the middle of Castries.

I was volunteered to give a presentation on some research that I did on GIS & Diabetes for the Saint Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association ; attend an EPI Info workshop training; and participate in other research projects after hours. Workshops and not so secret after hours work is usually somewhere beautiful like at a hotel on the beach or somewhere fun like at a coffee shop next to the movie theatres (that has an arcade). I usually give me two cents then wander off to “explore with the children” (play video games).

When I am stuck in the office writing, etc. I usually become really anxious to walk out the door to explore the city. Most time I am extremely tired from being up all night writing and need a little break. (I still have quite a few reports to submit to my university)

My look when I need more sleep or tired of writing. Good thing I make sure I relax from time to time to relive some stress.

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