Around the Island of Saint Lucia in One Day!

Island of Saint Lucia

Island of Saint Lucia

There is only one major road/highway around the whole island. Simply start at the north and it will bring you back full circle to Castries.

We started in Gros Islet (North of Castries) to visit (not climb) Pigeon Island and to view the beautiful district.

Then we made our way back south to Castries to do a little shopping at the Castries Market and to stop at the view point.

Next we made our way to Dennery by driving through the National Rain Forest from Castries. You see plenty of buildings and vehicles painted in advertisements. Believe it or not these are active shops. Some open before 430 pm and some open afterwards.

Once we made it to Dennery, we enjoyed a bit of zip lining at the Treetop Adventure Park through the forest.

After zip lining we drove through Micoud to reach View Fort for more scenic views. Micoud is supposedly the hottest and driest part of the island, so I am sort of glad we didn’t stop there for activities. In Vieux Fort I met 4 peace corps volunteers and heard that there are plenty that are assigned to the island (I almost applied to be one myself. Even almost applied for a job working for Peace Corps in St Lucia before coming to work at the MOH).

After driving through Laborie and Choiseul, we made it Soufriere—home of the Pitons.

In Soufriere we went to Sulphur Springs Park to drive/walk into the active volcano crater. We didn’t have enough time to enjoy a mud bath.

Afterwards we went to Sugar Beach Resort to have some lunch. (The resort caters to foreigners so don’t come here looking for amazing local cuisine. As a matter of fact, don’t come looking for amazing food period unless it is pizza and French fries.)

Finally we stopped in Canaries for some fresh Casava bread before riding through Anse-La-Raye to head back into Castries.

Beautiful Sun Setting in Canaries!

Beautiful Sun Setting in Canaries!

What an eventful day! Hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed the experience!

*Ubuntu Krystal*