Today is World Diabetes Day!

November 14 is World Diabetes Day!!!

The blue circle is the universal symbol for diabetes. Until 2006, there was no global symbol for diabetes. The purpose of the symbol is to give diabetes a common identity. It aims to:

  • Support all existing efforts to raise awareness about diabetes
  • Inspire new activities, bring diabetes to the attention of the general public
  • Brand diabetes
  • Provide a means to show support for the fight against diabetes

-International Diabetes Federation

You can read more about the Blue Circle here: Diabetes Symbol.

Make sure you wear your blue!

You can sign up with the International Diabetes Foundation to join in on the many “steps” taken to battle this disease!!

Over the summer, I completed a poster project using Geographic Information System (GIS) to map diabetes mellitus in Saint Lucia. I told my supervisors here and one just so happened to be part of the Saint Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension  Association (SLDHA) board. Well, you guessed it, she signed me up to present my research at the opening ceremony for Diabetes Awareness Week(s) for local stakeholders. The presentation looked beautiful, but I could have did a better job of presenting the information. I as also pinned for being a champion soldier to fight against the war on chronic diseases. I believe my poster (which includes maps) will be posted somewhere during the conference somewhere in the country for World Diabetes Day.

At the SLDHA meeting, I met the Minister of Health for the first time. Oh I had to present in front of her as well without realizing it until the announcer acknowledged her presence before I went up. Did I mention it was recorded and played on the news too?! If I had known about the event kicking off World Diabetes Day, I would had wore blue!–

*Ubuntu Krystal*