Ministry of Health (MOH) Consultant Adventures

It is very interesting working on a project as a consultant, especially for a government. Not only do you have to apply for the position, unless they contacted you, you have to be diplomatic with your words and your behavior. If you are applying for a consultant position, you typically have to submit a proposal on how you plan/suggest addressing the work you are applying to do. Since I decided to use the work that I am doing for the MOH as part of my academic curriculum, I had to submit a proposal. I had to write up a paper that discussed the work that I will be doing and how I will be doing it. My proposal was basically an introduction, literature review, methodology, a timeline, and references of course. No matter how thorough I thought I wrote my proposal, I was always constantly editing it.

After my proposal was accepted by the MOH and USF, I jumped into doing the work. Most of the work at the beginning was full of meetings. I was meeting someone somewhere for sometime every week. The meetings are the most interesting part of my work so far. I get to travel all across the island and speak with all types of health professionals at different stages in their career. The information that I am harvesting from them is invaluable and is vital for me to complete this project. Consulting/engaging people working on the ground, in the health field is the most important part of my work. Who knows more about the information I need to strengthen a health system than the people part of that system?

visited a few hospitals during my work. One burned down and moved into a stadium. Here are a few pictures from those visits

Negotiating meetings and collaborating with busy people have to be the most difficult part of my work. I have to work around their schedules, if they want to collaborate with me, I have to use that time wisely. Trying to sync calendars and squeeze in the high volume of writing that I am doing for the many reports that I have to write is challenging. I have to crunch time to get work done, but do not have enough time to crunch! But through God’s grace, and some serious time management, pieces are falling into place on time. –I am not complaining. Now only to sit down and start editing my proposal into an article that is publication ready. I need to write it in past tense, write out what I actually did for my methodology instead of what I will do, write a results and discussion section, and maybe even a little bit about limitations. I might even create a few charts, tables, and graphs.

if only my laptop would cooperate with me and stop misbehaving. I cannot afford for it to crash at this critical moment–

When my adrenaline is not pumping to get work done, I spend my free time de-stressing. I watch cartoons and Japanese anime (very good storylines!), reading comics and manga (Japanese comics), watching/reading the news, and even a bit of surfing the net for career opportunities (it is time to earn a steady salary!).

a sample of what I am currently watching–

Speaking of job opportunities, I have created a new page for those who may be looking for domestic and/ or international opportunities. It is currently under construction and will be unlocked soon. Stay Tuned!

When I have a strong internet connection, I even spend a lot of my time communicating with family and friends via WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Google Voice, and e-mail. I also share my experiences/mini-adventures with everyone via Instagram and Twitter (which is scrolling on the right pane of this webpage under the about me section), feel free to jump in on these experiences by following me on either social sites, this website, or comment on the pages below.

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